Animal Shelters Waterville ME

Animal shelters in Waterville, ME are facilities where lost and abandoned animals are taken. Their purpose is to provide a safe environment for animals that are homeless, but people can also come to animal shelters to adopt a pet. Before you think of getting a pet, you should check with your local animal shelter to find out which pet will be most appropriate for your home. Please read on to find local listings for animal shelters in your area.

Central Maine Kennels
(207) 453-4556
568 Bangor Road
Benton, ME
Classic Canine
(207) 877-8377
4 Sanger Avenue
Waterville, ME
Four Paws Only
(207) 453-4700
291 River Road
Benton, ME
It's Raining Cats & Dogs
(207) 453-9490
340 Albion Road
Benton, ME
Shamrock Truck Campers & Caps
(207) 465-2267
Country Club Road
Oakland, ME
G & S Pet Services
(207) 453-9490
340 Albion Road
Benton, ME
K-9 & Cats Bed & Bath
(207) 873-0997
538 Abbott Road
Winslow, ME
Applewood Boarding Kennel - 453-K9k9
(207) 453-5959
174 Bangor Road
Benton, ME
Majik Hands Pet Grooming
(207) 465-9663
47 Main Street
Oakland, ME
Save Our Strays
(888) 772-3162
P.O. Box 445
Fairfield, ME
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