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Coyote Ugly
(202) 589-0016
717 6th St. NW
Washington, DC
Chi-Cha Hookah Lounge
(202) 234-8400
624 U Street NW
Washington, DC
1629 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC
Habaq Bistro
(202) 265-0965
1336 U St. NW
Washington , DC
2039 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA
1099 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC
Gastro Pub

Queen's Cafe
2405 18th Street NW
Washington, DC
Prince of Adams Morgan
2400 18th Street NW
Washington , DC
(202) 299-9313
2228 18th Street NW
Washington, DC
Prince Cafe of the Harbor
1042 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC

Weekend Adventures - A New Trend in Bachelor Parties

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Although these adventures bring a fresh, new idea to the bachelor party concept, groups are given many opportunities to do some old-school partying. Typically, the extreme adventure locations are located off the beaten path, requiring a couple-days excursion. Everyone usually congregates in a major city near the adventure site and spends the first night enjoying the urban nightlife. Day Two kicks off with an early morning rise, followed by a trip out into the wild for the adventure activity.

Some detailed examples of adventure-based bachelor parties paint a clear picture of exactly how extreme adventure combines with traditional fun to produce an unforgettable experience.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an adventure that can take place in multiple locations across the country. As long as there is a flowing river, someone will put a boat in it. The trick is finding the rivers that will take you to the edge, without throwing you over it. Under the guidance of an adventure expert, guys paddle, dodge, and hold on through class IV and V rapids, all while taking in spectacular views of the scenic beauty and wildlife. To compliment the adventure, the group spends the first night at an upscale hotel in a bustling downtown area and the second night in more rustic accommodations surrounded by nature. This combination creates a solid mix of fun and adventure.

Cattle Wrangling

Imagine living out the movie, City Slickers. Saddle-up the crew, ride the open range like old-time cowboys, and drive longhorn cattle through rugged mountain terrain. In the morning, work alongside real cowboys to move the thundering herd to greener pastures. Enjoy the sights and sounds of rolling rivers, towering mountain ranges, and native wildlife while attempting to control the wild herd. After the drive, see if anyone lasts eight seconds on the mechanical bull before taking aim at the skeet shooting range. Recount the day's highlights during a Texas-style-barbeque dinner including steaks, potatoes, and plenty of beer. Before you dive headfirst into the cowboy lifestyle, enjoy a night with upscale hotel accommodations, fine dining, and outstanding nightlife characteristic of the adjacent downtown area.

Charter Fishing

In groups of four to six people, the guys board separate charter boats and compete in a private fishing tournament. Someone not only has the satisfaction of wrestling a trophy fish into the boat, but also the sweet taste of victory in catching the winning fish to beat the rest of the bunch in the tournament. While everybody breathes in the fresh air and takes in picturesque views, the expert captains and crew guide the team to the hot spots and teach the boys how to reel in the big one. After a full day of fishing, camaraderie, and competition, a chef "cooks the catch" at a restaurant overlooking the water. Since most fishing trips are located in beach side towns, nights will be spent at Buffet-like bars sippi...

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