Bathroom Mirrors Appleton WI

Local resource for bathroom mirrors in Appleton, WI. Here you will find listings for local bathroom remodeling stores that will sell bathroom products and fixtures, such as bathroom mirror frames, large bathroom mirrors, contemporary bathroom mirrors, bathroom mirror cabinets, oval bathroom mirrors, and heated bathroom mirrors, as well as offer advice on finding the cheapest bathroom fixtures in your area.

Appleton Plumbing Inc
(920) 574-9640
1037 E Green Tree Ct
Appleton, WI
Surface Creations Of Wisconsin Inc
(920) 749-1885
2150 S Memorial Dr
Appleton, WI
C&C Home Improvements
(920) 540-4660
1408 W Seneca Dr
Appleton, WI
Tim Rausch Plumbing Llc
(920) 830-9222
1606 W Haskel St
Appleton, WI
Kitchens Ii Design Studio
(920) 739-0449
2350 W Pershing St
Appleton, WI
Fox Valley Handyman & Remodeling Llc
(920) 277-1479
313 S Midpark Dr
Appleton, WI
Kustom Kitchen & Bath Shoppe
(920) 739-4839
741 W College Ave
Appleton, WI
Hanson'S Quality Plumbing Inc
(920) 730-0205
550 N Bluemound Dr
Appleton, WI
John Andrew Builders
(920) 380-0994
1001 S Timmers Ln
Appleton, WI
Colleen Horner Kitchen & Bath Tile Stone
(414) 298-9969
191 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI

How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

bathroom wallpapering Even people who wouldn’t attempt to wallpaper a larger room will tackle a bathroom without hesitation. Perhaps because it’s small, folks assume it will be easy to wallpaper a bathroom and that it won’t take a huge investment.

Most bathrooms can be wallpapered with one or two double rolls of wallpaper. However, bathrooms, while small, require an investment of time for many reasons. For starters, bathrooms are jampacked with obstacles such as the toilet, tub and sink. It’s difficult to find the space to open a ladder.

You’ll find almost every strip that gets hung has a special problem: a corner, a door, a window, the shower, tub, toilet, sink, mirror, towel and toilet tissue holders and the light fixtures. Anticipate these problems and you’re less likely to want to tear your hair out once you start the job. That said, here are some tips on how to wallpaper a bathroom to help your job go a little easier.

Be careful selecting the wallcovering for your bathroom. You don’t want del...

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