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Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage
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104 2nd St SW
Cullman, AL
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Alverson Rose Licensed Massage Therapist
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1543 3rd St NE
Cullman, AL
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Spa 2000
(256) 775-4310
169 Schwaiger Rd
Cullman, AL
Body Kneads Massage Therapy
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408 2nd Avenue NW
Cullman, AL
Beneficial Touch Massage Thrpy
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1634 Childhaven Rd Ne
Cullman, AL

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Cullman Massage Therapy Clinic
(256) 739-3578
104 4th Ave NE
Cullman, AL
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Massages by Norm at Impressions Day Spa
(205) 429-3222
69000 Main St
Blountsville, AL
Health Spa, Massage Practitioner

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Therapeutic Massage Center
(256) 737-7428
1619 3Rd St NE
Cullman, AL
Body Dynamics Therapeutic Massage
(256) 775-0044
202 1St Ave Se
Cullman, AL
Discover Chiropractic
(205) 202-0980
1423 Gadsden Hwy # 105
Birmingham , AL
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Fibromyalgia And Massage Therapies

By: Hailey Harris

Copyright (c) 2008 Hailey Harris

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition where you feel chronic pain in certain parts of your body; it is a muscular pain especially around the joints. There can also be centralized pain felt in the spinal chord, brain, neck shoulders etc. People with fibromyalgia generally complain of pain in the joints, but it actually is the muscles and the tendons around it that cause the pain, it can be excruciating sometimes and can be a continuous throbbing pain. People suffering from Fibromyalgia also show symptoms of depression, sleeplessness, irritable bowel syndrome, stress and many others, which are caused due to the pain.

Massage Can Help

There is no known cure for fibromyalgia, but a combination of healthy food and various therapies can help them cope with the pain. One of the therapies known to have a positive effect is a massage therapy where a patient undergoes various massages that help relax the tensed muscles, thereby reducing the inflammation and pain.

A therapeutic massage is given to ease the pain by massaging the muscles and tissues. This gives great relief during muscle spasm, fatigue and even improves circulation by applying pressure in these parts and promoting health. A professional masseur uses various techniques depending on the problem, alleviates the pain, and has a positive effect on the person. A good therapeutic massage improves the functioning of the nervous system, circulatory system, body muscles and has a good effect on the skin.

Different Types of Massage for Fibromyalgia

There are different types of massages from a relaxing massage that helps rejuvenate a person to a pressure point therapy where relief is found by applying pressure on certain parts depending on the injury. The sports massage is concentrated on strained muscles and muscle tension. Touch, with a mix of professional science and flair for the job is the main part of a massage therapy. This helps the masseur to find the parts that are tense and apply the right amount of pressure accordingly; this along with the human touch promotes healing in the person. The pressure applied on the body improves the circulation and the immune system of the body, thus improving health and muscle tone along with skin as well.

Benefits of Massage to Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Research has proved that people who suffer from migraines and hypertension are benefited by massage therapy, as it lowers the blood pressure and helps in increasing endorphins, which are natural pain killers reducing the pain felt by the individual. There are plenty of benefits of massage therapy like promoting easier breathing, healing injured joints, relieving tension, giving the person a better posture, improving the immune system and controls pain etc. The tense muscles that are stiff cause the pain and usually lack oxygen, as the tautness reduces the blood flow to that area. With a good massage, the muscle is made to relax by improving the circulation and increasing the oxygen supply to that particular part.

Fibromyalgia patients suffer from constant fatigue, which can be relieved through massage therapy. A one-hour massage where the person feels the therapeutic value of touch can heal all pressures and reduce the stress by the relaxing feel. Massage has also had a positive effect on people who suffer from depression and increased anxiety levels. It can calm the patient down and make them feel good after a one-hour session of massage. For people who suffer from fibromyalgia the massage has to start slowly so that the muscles are not over pressurized, to cause more pain. A specific massage known as myofascial release is recommended for fibromyalgia patients, which helps in subsiding severe pain and renewing the part along with restoring motion. Massage also aids in releasing the toxins from your body and detoxifies the entire system.

Insomnia and constipation are can also be treated by massage therapy. Since it makes a person relax completely physically as well as mentally, it improves the sleep patterns and stabilizes the glands relieving stress. While massage is generally, safe and good for everyone, you need to take precaution and consult your doctor if you suffer from any major skin, heart or nervous conditions. Overall massage therapy can bring about healing and general wellness in patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Hailey Harris is an expert in dealing with Fibromyalgia after suffering for more than 8 years with health problems. She is now symptom free and living a pain free life. She developed found at to help others learn to do the same. To receive tons of info, tips, and healing strategies for free visit .

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Medical Massage and Insurance Coverage

Medical massage therapy is recognized as a health care provision under rehabilitation outpatient coverage under most major medical plans. Specific plan coverage’s vary according to the benefit package your plan and/or employer offer. Medical massage therapy definition is the ability to heal, restore and improve function which was other wise compromised due to illness,injury,disease or surgery. It must be a part of a treatment plan your primary care provider recommends as medically necessary to restore lost function.

Provisions are also given towards motor vehicle accident (PIP)and worker's compensation-labor and industry (L&I), job injury recovery care claims. Like wise, verification and preauthorization must be met prior to starting care.
The variation of massage therapy are vast, according to the training and experience of the licensed massage therapist. State laws are in place for licensing and certification. Insurance companies WILL NOT recognize a "feel good" spa approach as a medical procedure. Recommendations from your primary health care provider, local hospitals are a good resource to find an experienced therapist. There is also a number of organizations such as the American Massage Therapy Association

For the best results, advocate self-education and consumer awareness. As well as have a proactive approach. Be a willing participate in your healing and recovery will happen.

Attribution: Professional medical massage therapist, Andrew Wolfe, LMP of Harmony Licensed Massage Therapy, based in Arlington Washington is an expert in his field with 23 years of local,full time private practice; since 1987.Advanced level of clinical experience and training. Highly recommended. Medical insurance claims accepted.Myofascial release and deep tissue work. Harmony Massage Therapy