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Among the many career services professionals offer is career coaching. Similar in nature to career counseling, career coaches provide guidance to individuals for the professional lives. Whether they are going through career change, career development, or starting a career, career coaches can give helpful advice in all these situations. Read on to find a listing of career coaches in your area and discover more about career services.

Ford Myers
(888) 967-5762
Haverford, PA
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$Program Fees Only/Hr

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Mr. Terry Nathaniel Fitts
(610) 639-9037
302 Quail Dr. N
Phoenixville, PA
Mr. Alan Preston
610.495.0706, 610.495.0706
518 Kimberton Road #422
Phoenixville, PA
Ms. Linda ONeill
(610) 644-3446
360 North Valley Road
Paoli, PA
Ms. Doris P Theune, CFP, MEd, AEP PhD in progress
610.651.0445, 610.316.5386
901 Madison Drive
Malvern, PA
Prof. Gary Ostwald, Ph.D.
(720) 480-6890
1209 Timothy Lane
Phoenixville, PA
Peg Hess-Fennell
610.975.3805, 610.917.8276
244 2Nd Ave
Phoenixville, PA
Dr. William Morgan, Psy.D. --Executive and Career Coaching
610.687.7615, 610.687.7615
Leadership Concepts Breakthrough Leadership Performance And Career Results
Paoli, PA
Mrs. Sharon J Fitzgerald
(484) 716-5767
69 Dickson Drive
Malvern, PA
Diane W Hazum, CEC
610.724.3078, 610.724.3078
14 Stuart Drive
Malvern, PA
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Financial Planner - A Career That Makes a Difference

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Financial Planner — A Career That Makes a Difference

Financial Planning Service Professionals enjoy their careers. As baby boomers start their migration to the necessary next stage of life – i.e. retirement – their well-documented lack of preparation and financial savvy puts a whole new meaning to the words "financial planning." Providing expert financial help is increasingly a task that's not just about making money, but about helping people be ready to live the rest of their lives.

This has led to some dramatic changes in the financial services industry, and the careers surrounding it have changed, with many people being drawn to work as financial planners as much to help others as to earn a good living.

Gone are the days of stockbrokers racing the clock to time individual trades for clients. Instead, financial services professionals now are groomed to take a full service approach to their clients’ finances – helping them in all aspects of their financial life. What that means to those considering a career in financial planning is new opportunities.

Those choosing a career as a financial services professional often enter the industry after spending 20, 30 or even 40 years doing something else. People from all walks of life, such as teachers, doctors and lawyers have started second careers as financial planners.

A number of factors, including the current economic recovery, have turned the financial services industry into a highly competitive marketplace. What’s more, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that “faster-than-average” employment growth is expected in the financial services industry through 2018 . To prepare for the growth, many firms are relying on their own niche to attract candidates who fit their culture to serve their clients.

Those who have entered the financial services profession are happy with their choice. According to the College for Financial Planning’s 2008 Survey of Trends in the Financial Plan...

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