Ferret Adoption Waterloo IA

Local resource for ferret adoptions in Waterloo, IA. Here you will find local listings for animal shelters in your area that may have cat, dog, bird, rodent and ferret adoptions. Ferrets are elongated carnivorous mammals that are commonly kept as pets. Some are still used for hunting rabbits. Adoption is the process of the process when a new owner takes guardianship and responsibility for a pet that the previous owner abandoned.

Klima Small Animal Clinic
(319) 232-3674
1210 Southtown Drive
Waterloo, IA
(319) 236-2054
1237 Flammang Drive
Waterloo, IA
Purr-Sonal Care Cat Clinic
(319) 232-2228
1460 Ansborough Avenue
Waterloo, IA
Den Herder Veterinary Hospital
(319) 232-5292
974 Home Plaza
Waterloo, IA
Logan Animal Hospital Inc
(319) 233-7526
3260 Logan Avenue
Waterloo, IA
(319) 287-4027
1506 Flammang Dr
Waterloo, IA
Johnston's Pet Grooming
(319) 235-9473
1045 Amherst Avenue
Waterloo, IA
Groom Room
(319) 235-9851
1030 Ansborough Avenue
Waterloo, IA
Mary Ann's Poodle Grooming
(319) 232-1485
3412 Midway Drive
Waterloo, IA
TigeraCat Rescues
(319) 427-4101
P.O. Box 91
Waterloo, IA
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