Claims Made Insurance Washington DC

This page provides information and resources on claims-made insurance. Claims-made insurance policies only provide coverage for claims made while the policy is in force. They do not cover claims filed after the policy period. This type of insurance is a cheaper option than occurrence policies, which provide coverage for incidents during the policy period no matter when the claims are filed. Please read on to learn more and to find local listings for insurance companies in Washington, DC.

Chubb & Son, Inc.
(202) 822-3200
1920 L Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC
The McLaughlin Company
(202) 293-5566
1725 DeSales St., NW
Washington, DC
Davis Planning Associates, Inc
(202) 429-9393
1625 K St., NW
Washington, DC
Guardian Property & Casualty Company, Inc
(202) 204-8700
Washington, DC
Steffen Insurance Agency Inc., State Farm Insurance
(703) 243-6565
2762 Washington Blvd Suite 1A
Arlington, VA
Alliance Insurance Services Inc
(202) 638-1010
1660 L St., NW #308
Washington, DC
Answer Title & Escrow LLC
(202) 204-0600
10 G St., NE
Washington, DC
District of Columbia Insurance Federation
(202) 797-0757
P.O. Box 34757
Washington, DC
Marsh USA Inc.
(202) 263-7600
1255-23rd Street, NW
Washington, DC
E. Keith Edwards Insurance Agency, Inc.
(202) 726-7771
7813 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Claims Made Insurance

Small business insurance should include liability insurance. Types of coverage include occurrence-made insurance and claims made policies. There are differences in the two which are important to know about.

A claims made policy is coverage for claims made in the period the policy is active. This type of liability insurance is active as long as the business continues to pay, as it offers superior protection when compared to claims made policies. However, it is also the more expensive of the two types of insurance coverage, specifically because it does offer better protections.

With an occurrence policy, you are covered for claims that result from incidents which happen during your policy period, even if the claim is made outside the time of active coverage. This means, if someone tries to make a claim against your small business insurance even when coverage is not in force, the claim is covered as long as you had occurrence-made insurance during the time the incident is reported to have occurred.

With claims made policies, you have to continue to renew your policy in order for the coverage of the claim to remain retroactive. For example, let’s say you had an incident occur on October 2 of 2010. If you had occurrence-made insurance at the time, but no longer have an active policy in force, the incident would be covered under your liability insurance. However, with claims made policies you would have to have an active insurance policy as well as had service which continued uninterrupted on your policy during that date until the present.