Pets and Veterinarians Columbus OH

Your Columbus pet and veterinarians resource for pet owners or future pet owners. Find the local information and resources you need in Columbus, OH. Whether you are looking for dogs, cats, information on pets, felines, vets, veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, veterinary clinics, vet clinics, or pet clinics, or have questions about pets or veterinarians, this page will help you get the information you are searching for.

Dog Groomers Columbus OH

Dogs are animals that require regular care. One of the more overlooked aspects of this fact is dog grooming. Without grooming, a dog can begin to smell or become downright unsanitary. If you can't groom a dog yourself, you may find yourself in need of a professional groomer. To find local dog groomers and and other pet groomers, continue reading this page.

Dog Walking Services Columbus OH

Dog walking services in Columbus, OH include professional dog walkers paid to walk people’s dogs for them. Dog walking is an essential part of the daily routine needed to keep a dog healthy. Many dog walking services also offer other services, like pet sitting and temperament training. Professional dog walkers must be licensed in many areas, and can take on one or more dogs at a time. Please read on to find local listings for dog walking services in your area.

Puppy Obedience Schools Columbus OH

Puppy obedience schools in Columbus, OH are available for dog owners who wish to teach their dogs obedience at a young age. There are different levels of obedience training, ranging from basic training to more advanced training. Basic dog training is generally a six to ten week course that teaches dogs simple commands like “sit” or “stay.” Teaching these commands to a dog while he or she is still a puppy is beneficial, since the learning process at that young age will be much smoother and more natural. Below you can find local listings for puppy obedience schools in your area.