Prepare for a Power Outage Twin Falls ID

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Edwards Electric - Twin Falls
(208) 734-9220
121 3rd Avenue East
Twin Falls, ID
Lighting Retail, Electronic Equipment & Supplies Service & Repair, Electric Contractors, Pumps Service & Repair
Payment Options
Licensed Insured

Campbell Electric
(208) 734-7432
1768 Eldridge Avenue
Twin Falls, ID
Crumrine Electric Inc
(208) 734-3633
904 3rd Avenue West
Twin Falls, ID
M & M Electric
(208) 735-2298
702 Fairfield Street West
Twin Falls, ID
Steves Quality Electric LLC
(208) 734-7664
Po Box 1693
Twin Falls, ID
Aslett Electric
(208) 736-9976
212 Highland Avenue
Twin Falls, ID
Metcalf Electric
(208) 734-6602
348 4th Avenue S
Twin Falls, ID
Balanced Rock Electric Inc
(208) 735-9578
268 Victory Avenue
Twin Falls, ID
Watkins Electric
(208) 733-5113
1571 Briarwood Lane
Twin Falls, ID
Aub's Electric Inc
(208) 733-0581
2054 Sherry Drive
Twin Falls, ID

Under Normal Operating Conditions, grantees shall meet each of the following standards shall be met no less than ninety five (95) percent of the time measured on a quarterly basis:
A.  Standard installations shall be performed within seven (7) business days after an order has been placed.
B.  Under Normal Operating Conditions, grantee shall begin work on Service Interruptions promptly and no later than 24 hours after the interruption becomes known. Grantee must begin working on other service problems the next business day after notification of the service problem. Working on Service Interruptions must be more than merely acknowledging that a service interruption has occurred.
C.  The appointment alternatives for installations, service calls and other installation activities shall be either a specific time or, at maximum, a four-hour time block during Normal Business Hours. Grantee may schedule service calls and other installation activities outside of Normal Business Hours for the express convenience of the customer.
D.  Grantee shall be deemed to have honored a scheduled appointment under the provisions of this section when a technician arrives within the agreed upon time and, if the subscriber is absent when the technician arrives, the technician leaves written notification of arrival and return time, and a copy of that notification is kept by the grantee.
E.  Grantee may not cancel an appointment with a customer after the close of business on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment. Rescheduling an appointment is an independent obligation and does not necessarily excuse the missed appointment.
F.  If grantee’s representative is running late for an appointment with a customer and will not be able to keep the appointment as scheduled, the customer shall be contacted. The appointment shall be rescheduled, as necessary, at a time which is convenient for the customer.