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Spanish Mission Apartment Homes
(877) 486-5523
422 Connell Road
Valdosta, GA
Spanish Mission Apartment Homes invites you to come home to beautifully landscaped grounds and superior customer service. Located within minutes of Moody AFB, Valdosta State University, and downtown Valdosta, our community offers spacious apartment residences with furnished kitchens, reserved parking, and other amenities designed with you in mind.

Tremont Village Condo
(229) 219-4488
611 Pineview Dr
Valdosta, GA

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Oak Terrace Apartments
(229) 242-1999
1639 E Park Ave
Valdosta, GA

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Spring Chase Apartments
(229) 247-8472
1601 Norman Dr
Valdosta, GA

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Barnhardt Hall
(423) 413-1625
Ringgold, GA
University Courtyard Apts
(229) 259-9400
480 Murray Rd
Valdosta, GA

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Sherwood's Rolling Hills
(229) 242-9293
2092 S Sherwood Dr
Valdosta, GA

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Commons Of Valdosta The
(229) 244-7063
1415 N Saint Augustine Rd
Valdosta, GA

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Luxury Cabin Blue Ridge
(407) 977-3294
Blue Ridge, GA
Don Koebrich Photography
(404) 394-6334
4257 Mill Grove Lane, SW
Smyrna, GA
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Taking a Great Summer Vacation

By Diane R. RandallĀ 

Whether you're working the 9 to 5 grind or self-employed, you need to take time away from work--extended time, like a good 10 days or more at least once each year, more often if you can. That means taking the time to renew and restore your overall well-being.

Sometimes I stay right at home, but I set boundaries around my time and energy by screening my phone calls, spending very limited time on the computer, and not accepting any requests that don't support my overall well-being. This time is spent slowing down mentally and physically and doing things that make me happy and feel relaxed. Even though I am at home, I let my family and friends know up front that I will not be available during this time.

I highly recommend not taking your laptop on vacation and keeping your cell phone off as much as possible. If you must check for messages, check your caller id directory list at night, as this will minimize your impulse to return calls.

I plan a retreat once a year; one that will revitalize and seek renewal of the mind, body and spirit. For example, I went to a spa in Green Valley, Utah--we hiked in the canyons every morning. I practiced meditation and yoga, met and connected with new people, attended nutrition and cooking classes, and ended each day with a relaxing spa treatment. This type of vacation creates lasting results to your overall well-being. I also take at least one long weekend (Thursday or Friday thru Sunday) every quarter to create enriching experiences. Are you ready for a great summer vacation? Try some of the tips below to get started.

Don't spend more money than you budget. Taking a vacation can be as easy as sitting in the hammock in the back yard. But if you're going to be making your way to a summer resort, make sure you have all the funds you need to do what you want so you won't be stressed financially.

Wherever you are, make sure you laugh each day. Laughter truly is one of the best medicines for lightening up our lives and helping us to feel a sense of joy every day.

Do something you've never done before. A change is as good as a rest they say, and there's nothing more exhilarating than trying out an activity you've never pursued--especially while on vacation. Whether it's scuba diving, trying a new food or learning a new board game, let your imagination run with ideas about how to spend some of those lazy summer days.

Stay true to your health. Whether you're on vacation or at home or work, it's important to keep your health regime going on a consistent basis. Go ahead and indulge while you're on vacation, but do keep at least the basics of your daily health routine in place so your body and mind aren't confused or overwhelmed by a sudden change. Remember that your quality of life is important, so keeping your routine going whether day-t...

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